RMA & Repair

What to do when your Freecom product disfunctions? Please read this message before contacting Freecom support.

Operate your Freecom product with original accessories only (original power supply, original USB cable, etc.). In case of RMA return, add these accessories to the defective product.

  • Visit our online support portal and contact your local Freecom Service Center via telephone or email here
  • If after consulting one of our support employees and your product is defined defective, you will get a RMA number from one of our support employee. This RMA number allows you to return your defect product to us - for free.
  • Ensure your Freecom product is packed properly - if possible use the original packaging - and make sure the RMA number is visible on the packaging.
  • After receiving your delivery, the Freecom Repair Center will repair / exchange your Freecom product.